Cure of the Ages

The Gardener was gone now, and the concoction began to furiously boil and sizzle and do all other kinds of unsavoury sounds. The liquid inside the cauldron began quickly evaporating into a golden hued mist, to the point that I was enveloped with it and couldn’t properly see throught it. Was this supposed to happen? At this rate, there will be nothing left in the cauldron and that would be a joke of the century wouldn’t it now. Once everything calmed down again, I swiftly looked into the cauldron to see what remained there, and indeed…there was no liquid therein. However there was something different sitting on the bottom. It had slightly yellowish colour, but there were queer blue mushrooms growing from within it, and I could that it was riddled with carious holes. It was a cheese again wasn’t it. Typical, a miraculous cure that is capable of healing anything, and theese people make it into a cheese. The Gardener now lost all the respect I held for him, even with all his mystery, being cryptic and ominous and somewhat terrifying, he decided to make this thing into a cheese; I thought better of him. But who am I to look a cheese in the mouth aye, especially considering what effort it took to get it. I took the cheese and decided to go out of this Garden, so that I may finish this part of the journey, even though I knew it wouldn’t be the end of my wearies. Upon leaving I found Squeakly waiting for me outside, he still looked scared, and he was too busy looking at the ground to notice me, so I decided to grab his attention: “I got it.” I simply said. He frantically looked in a twitch-like manner, and the tide of changing emotions going through his face was funny to look at: shock, fear, surprise, joy, shock, surprise, joy, shock and so on. He obviously tried to say something very convoluted, but the words that finally came out of him were: “I…You…What…The…What?” Good to see that fear hasn’t robbed him of his usual eloquence, but it seemed like he hadn’t got the gist of what I was said, so I tried to say it again, very slowly: “I. Got. The. Cure.” “What!? How!? Just like that? I thought the creature would kill you, or that at least it will take longer than that, or that we will need something more. The creature just gave it to you.” “Hey, that creature was a nice bloke and he had a name, he was the Gar… well no matter what he was I am certain that he had a name and it would be nice if you would ackowledge that.” Squeakly looked confused, and it seemed he didn’t really want to talk about the Gardener, what he did obviously want to talk about was the Cure; “Did it cost anything, I will pay any expenses, I should have been the one to give something, I hope it didn’t cost you much.” He meant it well, but I kind of wanted to punch his ratty face at that moment, but it wasn’t his fault and it was my decision so I centred myself and answered with faked optimism; “Oh, it was a bargain, nothing to worry about. He practically just gave it to me, no big deal.” Squeakly looked skeptical, he probably recognized that something was wrong, so he kept asking; “And are you sure it will work, what exactly is it supposed to do?” “Well the Gardener said that it heals and cures anything, and that it should grant youth to someone, but that was maybe an oversimplification. He liked to keep things to himself so I wouldn’t be surprised.” That he did that bloody cheese lover, when I meet him again I will scoff at his crooked scary mask, there is no fooling me. But regardles, there were still things that needed to be done, so I turned to Squeakly: “Well then, now we just go to that Rattxelence of yours and get our riches beyond imagination, aye?” The mention of that raised Squeakly’s spirit and washed some of that skepticism off his face “Of course, let’s head there immediately” and he took the lead and started leading us to the rat monarch I had heard so much about. Well, we shall see how things will turn out to be.

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