Hero’s Breakfast

My last few days certainly weren’t boring I had to give them that. I stumbled upon a strange perfume shop, from which I was kidnapped by a swarm of rats. I was shrunk to miniscule size and moved to a strange undergrund realm called the City of Rats. There I worked with my former kidnapper now comrade Squeakly (not his real name) to find a cure for the ruler of this town. To acquire this item, I had to first deal with a criminal boss and then with a strange entity called the Gardener who offered me a way home, but it would result in Squeakly’s death. Or great pain and misery that will however have a possible good ending to it and no one will have to die(possibly). I have chosen the later which resulted in a fatal misunderstanding that resulted in mine and Squeakly’s expeditious retreat from the city, during which he saved my life and condemned his own to the life of an outcast and a criminal. We then escaped from the city through the sewer system, which was connected to a complex underground river system. By this route we were supposed to reach the strange untamed wildlands which many weird creatures and beings supposedly call their home. But once the river had ended, we were only greeted by endless sprawling tunnels and caves, and no miraculous magical wildland. We travelled through these tunnels for about a week, relying on Squeakly’s knowledge of edible mushrooms and mosses to survive. Whilst I didn’t know him for long and there was a lot to talk about, we were mostly walking in silence, as the events that happened during the last few days left us quite exhausted weary, and we wouldn’t do small talk again, until we reached our destination or rested in a safe environment; ideally both, but that was beyond our imagination. If you could only see our delight once we truly did find the outskirts of the wildlands. Our first indication of a different environment was the smell, we were so used to the damp muddy scent of the tunnels that we didn’t recognize the smell of fresh grass. Then there was the light at the end of the tunnel, it almost looked like sunlight, but that was impossible as we were still underground. It wasn’t sunlight, but what it was was no lass befuddling. We entered into an enormous, but I mean enormous…cave? Humour me, it was a cave, but it looked like it was something from above ground, as instead of cold dirt, the floor was covered in flowers and grass…It was a meadow if ever I had seen one. The ceiling of the cavern must have been at least 2000 feet high and it was covered in some luminescent plants that let out a light similar to that of the Sun. Oh and by the way there was a giant bloody tree-house in the middle of the meadow. It was about 1000 feet tall and it looked like a normal tree, except it had oval glassed windows and big wooden oval door right in at the bottom of it. It looked like something a hobbit emperor would live in if they had one. Oh, and there was smoke coming from some of the windows which meant two things: It was occupied, and there was food in there. Me and Squeakly looked at each other, we nodded…and then immediately began sprinting towards the door. We reached it and it was unlocked, so we entered. We were greeted by the warm gentle stroke of burning wood (not that the tree was burning, but there was a fireplace in the tree. Weird, I know, but just wait till you meet the owner.) but what was more important was the smell. It was a smell of freshly baked bread that attacked our noses like a baked, crunchy weapon of war and our other senses were overwhelmed by the ferocity of this attack. We then saw the culprit of this sensation, there was only one thing in the room, a small round table without chairs. And the baked treasure was lying on top of it (I should also mention that there seemed to be a huge perfectly round hole in the ceiling, but that didn’t seem important at the time) Upon that table was a big loaf of bread so deliciously looking and smelling and I could swear that if it were to be making any noise, they would sound delicious too. If the owner of this home isn’t here and he left this magnificent bread here, surely he won’t miss it. I have torn the loaf in half and gave a half to myself and half to Squeakly. Then I sunk my teeth in that heaven of crunchiness. It was godly, whoever did this was surely no second-rate baker. There were some mushrooms within it and they added a nice smooth juiciness to the taste. Nice warmth surged through my body, it made me feel like I was home, which is a feeling I never really had, I just expected that that was how home would probably feel like. I felt reinvigorated and strong after eating, but the toll of the travel then started to kick in. Squeakly was in a similar bliss it seemed and I got an excellent idea at the moment, so I finally broke the week long silence: “The meadows look kinda comfy, don’t they. I think that no one would mind if we dozed off a little there.” I didn’t even finish my sentence and Squeakly was diving head-first into the embrace of the grass. I followed suit. All I wanted was a five minutes rest, but it was probably more than that. Once I had woken up, I decided to relax for a moment and without opening my eyes I put my hands behind my head and I basked in the warm sun-like light. But then suddenly a felt a shadow fall over me. Bloody Squeakly, won’t even let me rest for a while. I opened my eyes but it wasn’t the familiar rat figure standing over me, no, I was staring into the deep abyss of an unfamiliar eye, well seven eyes to be exact, but only one of them was the size of my body. “Not only do you on my lawn find rest, but you have also eaten my marvellous breakfast. Those are offences very dire, so please tell me, for them why you shouldn’t die.”

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