Jingle Flail

Hear me dear folks, and let me tell you a story of a man most noble and good. Sir Nicholas was his name, a force of honour and good. He travelled the realm, fighting evil and despair, those in his presence well did not fare.“Must have been good with swords“ one mostly reckons, but that is not true, as jingles and tunes, those were his weapons. His foes not devils of an ordinary kind. The demons he fought, ones of heart and mind. He travelled to villages both far and wide, and his quest: to put their sadness and worries aside. His arrival heralded by the sound of playful bells, the sound of which, a story of peace and joy tells. He would go from one home to another, and anyone who heard his song, their grief torn asunder. Soon the village would turn into an orchestra of merriment and fun, and by then only a few would realize, the knight was already gone. He would leave once his work had ended, and travel somewhere else, somewhere where more hearts needed to be mended. No one knows what happened to this strange knight. Did he die? Did he ever exist? Or shall he return on this very night. Be it as it may, his legend lives on, and it is in his name, that we upon this day, sound his jingle bells, and to their tune sing our merry song.

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