Bahamut’s Unspoken Council

Forged by the divine blacksmith Moridin as a commission from the draconic god Bahamut, this blade is ten feet long from tip to pommel. It shimmers with a light that seems to have no source. The construction of the blade is masterfully done, evident by the fact it appears to be made of a single piece of metal, whose name is now lost to time and only known by the divines themselves. Given this fact, the sword is a great deal lighter than one would expect. The hilt has beautifully carved Norse serpents along either side while the blade has draconic runes running down both faces, seeming to change and shift into different words. Watching closely you can see there are ten words the runes form, though the same word never forms on both faces. Imprinted onto the middle of the cross like hilt is the divine mark of Bahamut which, depending on the thoughts of its wielder, appears to change in the type of metal. Gold, silver, bronze, copper, and brass are the different appearances it takes on. It is said that the materials used to make this divine weapon were an ancient draconic metal only found in Abeir, the shed scales of Bahamut, and the souls of the first metallic dragons.