Shipwreck Hammer

With most of the pieces fallen into place it was time to begin the final phase of the plan. Captain decided to wait until nightfall when most of the ship’s crewmembers were enjoying their shore leave in various drinking holes and the ones who had remained on the ship were tired and unassuming. It probably also didn’t help that Boblin added a little bit of our special goblin seasoning provided and brewed by the cap’n’s right hand, a powerful shaman some call the Stormcaller, others know him as the Magnificent Gobbo. This concoction added to the crew’s food made them see the world in a… let’s say different light. Out of the hundred crewmembers stationed on board at the moment, about forty were in the condition to fight after Boblin’s little sabotage. Overtaking the ship now wasn’t the problem, trying to discreetly get the whole crew of goblins, ogres, kobolds, and more throughout the city to the ship without raising suspicion was. Our cap’n knew that that sneaking wasn’t an option and would only alert everyone nearby that something nefarious was going on, so a distraction was in order. Something that wouldn’t hide the presence of the monstrous force going towards the ship, but something that would shift the attention elsewhere. The Boom-master was the kobold for the job. A small array of surgically timed explosions happening at once over the city and a decently sized fire growing around the wooden foundations of Joytown’s market caused quite a ruckus on the streets from what I’ve heard. People did notice the small army marching through the city, but that in their minds a problem for later. We goblins like subtlety and sabotage, but we also like some proper butchering and bloodshed, and once the crew got to the harbour…well let’s just say that time for subtlety was over. The few Joytown guards left at the docks knew better than to stand in our cap’n’s way and so the way to the ship was direct and clear. Once the solid ground was no longer under their feet and only creaking wood of the warship remained, the true race began. The remaining crew of the ship started ringing the bells to call for help and the vessel had to be taken before that help came. I have to say I regret that I wasn’t there to see it, imagine the atmosphere: Middle of the night, the sky is red with fire and ash, the dooming bells are ringing sounding, the time is running out, and there is a bunch of humies that are ready to put up decent fight, but they are outnumbered enough so that stabbing them in the back is a safe and sound tactic. I ain’t much of a poet but by me, this is as poetic as it gets. The fight was short and brutal, mostly due to the fighting prowess of our Cap’n Greenlump, and possibly the ogres who were ready to unleash their pent-up legally bound rage upon the “humie skulls”. But once those pink-skins were dead the race wasn’t over. Cap’n started shouting commands towards his crews: “Ogres to the oars, goblins to sails, raise the bloody anchor, run the rigging. Everyone else, SHOVE US OFF!, and Boom-Master, send them a few gifts from us aye.” and that he did, I’ve heard that there were at least thirty men on the pier when it exploded. Everything worked like a well oiled machine and it wasn’t long before the crew were quickly leaving Joytown behind. Everything was going splendidly until it wasn’t. What our captain didn’t anticipate was that just when he had finally managed to steal the warship, after weeks of planning no less, that he will have had chosen the exact same time to steal something, during which a Joytown pirate patrol of four ships decided to return to resupply. Fortunately the patrol didn’t know the vessel was stolen, unfortunately one ogre “panicked” and decided to fire a catapult upon them. Captain decided that the best course of action was to utilize the honed and mastered goblin tactic of running away as fast as possible. The wind was however not in his favour, as he wanted to sail into the wind, so that chasing ships would have to compete against the strength of ogre rowers. The situation didn’t really look good, but an unlikely miracle came to his help. The ogre leader came up to the captain and said something like “I got this captain” and went onto the ship’s stern. He had a strange ornate club in the shape of a ship, that he raised over his head and smashed into our boat. The ship started violently rocking, but it gained quite a lot of speed for some reason. Cap’n looked behind to see what the hell happened, and he saw that the pursuing ships were somehow shoved off course and one of them was quite badly damaged, and since humies and other similar races are usually so soft hearted, all the ships stopped pursing to help that one ship from sinking. When later asked about what he did, the ogre leader simply said “Big wave”. Now this was the story of how my cap’n got his famous vessel and how he is the most cunning and clever goblin there is (not as charming as me of course), so…what say you, are you ready to join his crew?

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