Tinkerer’s Eyes

Very Rare Wondrous Item (Goggles), Requires Attunement

  • You gain a +3 bonus to your:
    • Wisdom (Perception) and Intelligence (Investigation) ability checks
    • Passive Wisdom (Perception) and passive Intelligence (Investigation) scores

Lenses. This item has several lenses that each work differently. Only two lenses can be active at a single time, and changings lenses requires a bonus action.

  • Lens of Vision. This lens doubles the range of your Darkvision, and your Wisdom (Perception) checks don’t have disadvantage in lightly obscured areas. Once per long rest you can also use your bonus action to see invisible creatures and objects as if they were visible until the end of your next turn.  
  • Lens of Magic Detection. You can use your action to see a faint aura around any visible creatures or objects that bear magic. Once per long rest you can use your action to scan an area within 30 feet of you, and find out the last spell that was cast in this location within the last 24 hours while also showing you the silhouette of the caster and where they were standing while casting. 
  • Lens of Identifying. If you look at a single object within 60 feet with the lens for at least 2 uninterrupted hours, you learn its properties as via the Identify spell. Once per short rest you can also use your action to target a creature you can see, which will reveal to you all weapons that creature has on their body and where.
  • Lens of Flaws. You see weak points in structures and objects while wearing this ůens. Your weapon attacks deal additional 2d6 weapon damage to Objects and Constructs that you can see. Once per long rest you can use your actions to choose a target that you can see within 60 feet, and find out whether they have any damage vulnerabilities, but not what damage types they are vulnerable against.  
  • Lens of Protection. This lens darkens when exposed to too much bright light and protects the wearer’s eyes from magical effects. You gain advantage on saving throws against being blinded, and you are immune against effects that require you to see them or the creature that causes them. (Petrifying Gaze, Confusing Gaze Hypnotic Pattern, etc…)
  • Lens of Light. You produce a 60-foot cone of bright light coming from the lens. At the start and end of each of your turns, you can decide which way the cone faces. Creatures in sunlight and starting their turn inside the cone must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 1d6 fire damage on a failure.
    Once per long rest you can use your action to force each creature in the cone to make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, dealing 4d10 fire damage and making them blinded until the end of their next turn on a failure, or only half damage and no blindness on a success. Creatures in sunlight take twice as much damage from this ability. 

Each time you exchange lenses, there is a 10% chance that the lens that was replaced will crack and stop working until it is repaired. Repairing a lens requires 8 hours of uninterrupted work ended with a successful DC 17 Dexterity (Glassblower’s Tools) check. Enchanted Glass worth at least 500 gp is required to attempt to repair the lens, and is consumed after the final check. 

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