Black Candle

Uncommon Wondrous Item (Candle)

Scholar’s Obsession. These strange candles weaken the barriers between the material world and other realms of existence. They are also helpful in various rituals and rites, but their power can only truly be observed when used in larger numbers.)

Black Candles can be used in the following ways, with each candle being depleted when used in these ways.

  • A Black Candle can be lit for 1 hour. Its light allows any writing under the effects of the Illusory Script spell to be legible as if not under the effects of the spell and any writing in Infernal or Abyssal is seen as if it was written in common. 
  • A creature proficient in Arcana can use three Black Candles to create a circle, in which they can cast a ritual version of a single spell that they know, even if they don’t have a ritual book or a feature allowing them to cast ritual spells. 
  • 5 or more Black Candles can be used to create a ritual spot that allows you to cast the Contact Other Plane spell, contacting a random creature decided by the DM. The DC of this spell is however increased to 20, but can be reduced by one for each additional candle above 5 used in this ritual.
    • If you fail on the Saving Throw by 10 or more, it causes a breach between planes, resulting in one of many possible outcomes depending on the situation and GM. You can become possessed, a fiend or an aberration might be summoned. A portal between this plane and another might be created for 24 hours, etc… 

A creature that spends at least one hour of their long rest within 30 feet of a lit Black Candle must make a DC 5 Wisdom saving throw, becoming affected by the effects of a Dream spell as if cast by a random entity from another plane. The DC is increased by 2 for each additional candle within 30 feet of them.
The entity can be malevolent or benign, it can use this to try and make a bargain or  some sort of trade.
Once a creature makes contact with such an entity through these Dreams, they will always encounter this specific entity again until they spend at least two weeks without sleeping near a lit Black Candle.

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