Gift of Apostasy

Very Rare Wondrous Item (Scroll), Requires Attunement

Rites: This scroll contains three ritual rites that can each be read and spoken as an action. These rites can only be used once, but they each have a condition under which they refresh and can be used again, but you have to fill these conditions whilst attuned to the scroll. These rites are written in a strange unknown language, but you are able to pronounce them correctly once attuned

  • Rite of Renouncement : You renounce all of your gods and deities and Oaths (This can have repercussions) and are lent eldritch powers in return for one hour.
    This rite is refreshed when you deal a killing blow to a cleric of a deity  (this does not have to be a cleric in the gameplay sense, any priest, or shaman, or cult leader, or paladin will do)
    • You become disfigured and unsightly, all of your charisma ability checks are done at a disadvantage
    • You become resistant to necrotic damage and vulnerable to radiant damage
    • Your melee attacks deal additional 2d4 necrotic damage
    • Your arms become twisted and prolonged, and you gain additional 5ft reach on all your attacks
    •  If a creature tries to impose the charmed condition on you, there is a 10% chance (10 on a 1d10) that the effect will be reflected on the charming creature.
    • You become an Aberration creature type for the duration
    • You gain the ability to speak and understand Deep Speech 
  • Rite of Initiation:  You name a creature (you have to know their full name) and invoke the rite of initiation upon them. That creature becomes susceptible to your whispers and persuasions and is more likely to join your cause for one week.
    This rite is refreshed if you manage to make a devout and powerful follower (At least CR 3, or level  7) of a good deity lose their faith, turn to evil, or defy their oaths and beliefs.
    The named creature suffers from the following effects:
    • You gain advantage on all charisma ability checks against them
    • They gain disadvantage against being charmed by you
    • Their Wisdom ability modifier decreases by -2
    • They will start having horrid nightmares, in which they will see you as their defender who battles these nightmares, and will have a feeling that you may be the cure to their visions
    • After the one week has passed, they will remember everything, and will not know that they had been victims of a spell
  • Rite of Summoning: You invoke a rite to summon an aberration into this world. You may choose any aberration you know of and that is of CR 7 and lower. To do this ritual, you need to have a dead humanoid body within 10 feet of you and at the start of the next turn, that body will turn into the aberration. The summoned creature is not loyal to you, and will act accordingly.
    This rite is refreshed when you defile a divine relic of a deity.
  • Rite of Fear: You invoke a rite that consumes the minds of nearby creatures and makes them cower in fear. Each creature within 60 feet must make a DC: 16 WIS saving throw, if they fail, they take 7d10 psychic damage and are frightened of you for one minute. Creatures that succeed only take half damage.
    This rite is refreshed if you yourself deal a killing blow to a celestial of at least CR:14

CURSE! (For DM only)

(Optional Curse) – If a cleric or a paladin is attuned to this item for more than a week, they might find that their powers don’t work as they should and their god seems to have stopped listening, they will gradually start losing their class levels and they will be replaced by warlock levels instead (this should be discussed with only the affected player and only if they don’t mind such a change)

  • Each time a rite is invoked by a player, the DM rolls a d20, and varying effect might ensue:
    • 1  – The Player’s Alignment turns into Chaotic Evil for one week, they will want to cause as much evil and chaos without raising suspicion. (Tell this only to the affected player)
    • 2-4 – One NPC of your choice that is allied to the player becomes a puppet of Dark Eldritch beings (Whatever the Lovecraftian monsters in your universe are)
    • 5-8  – The player will go into a berserk next turn and will always try to attack the creature nearest to them.
    • 9-12 – The player takes 5d10 psychic damage
    • 13-16 – The player is Polymorphed into a Gibbering Mouther for one day
    • 17-19  – nothing happens
    • 20 – A random aberration (Of CR 7 and lower) appears within 20 feet of the player. this aberration is loyal to the player (and only to the specific player)  (without them knowing) and will obey their orders and defend them. The aberration remains for 3 full rounds after which it will disappear.

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