Codex of the Fallen

Rare Wondrous Item (Book)

  • Reading this book for two uninterrupted hours can give you one of these resulting effects.
    • Become proficient in, and gain advantage on Arcana, History, Religion, and Insight ability checks for the next twenty four hours, 
    • Casting Tongues centred on yourself
    • Casting See Invisibility
    • Casting Legend Lore
    • You can restore one expended spell slot of level 5 and lower
  • Once per day for two hours, you can spend one minute to increase your intelligence ability score (Up to 24/+7), but for each intelligence point gained, your other ability scores decrease by -1.
  • Whilst holding the opened Codex in a free hand, you may use intelligence as your spellcasting ability
  • The book is a vast font of forbidden knowledge, and it holds answers to many questions…but is not willing to give them without a price. You can decide to permanently sacrifice 1d10 of your maximum HP and permanently decrease one of your ability scores by 2, and in return you shall gain all knowledge about a specific subject of your choice. (This should work like a very buffed up version of Legend lore, that is not specific to things of legendary status, and will give much more detailed information)

CURSE (For GM only!)

Each time the Codex is used, the creature using it becomes more and more affectionate towards it, and will get the craving to read it more and more to unlock some hidden secrets, but others will notice that the creature starts showing signs of physical withering.

  • After the Book has been used at least five times, the usage starts to weaken and wither the user; Unless they refrain from using it for at least a month, each use will give them one level of exhaustion and will be drained of 1d10 of their maximum Hit Points (can be cured by greater restoration)
    • Once the Codex has drained at least 50HP, it will evolve, and the next time someone will try and use it, they must make a DC: 22 Wisdom saving throw, taking 15d10 necrotic damage.
      If this kills the user, their body becomes possessed by dark powers. The body retains the personality and memories of the creature, and will try to infiltrate and cause chaos. The book will then lose all of its drained HP and the process begins anew.
      • The consumed creature’s soul is imprisoned and tortured inside the book. Destroying the book by any means (this should be  hard) casts True Resurrection on the soul that was the last to be consumed and it is resurrected within a mile of where the book was destroyed.
        (Its possessed body might still be alive at this point, and will remain so…with all the consequences stemming from this)

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