Toothy Tendril

Rare Ammunition (Arrow/Crossbow Bolt), Range (120) Requires Attunement

  • Deals extra 1d6 piercing damage. 

Return unto your Flesh. This special piece of ammunition looks like a long thin fleshy tendril with a jagged toothy point at the end. 

When loaded into a bow or a crossbow, parts of the Tendril wrap themselves all around it. When you make an attack roll with the Tendril as ammunition, it stays tethered to the bow or crossbow, travelling to the maximum range of 120 feet, after which it immediately returns back and loads itself into the weapon.

Due to its unique nature, the Tendril has these following properties. 

  • Instead of using it for attacking, it can also be used as a projectile rope with a grappling hook attached at the end. 
  • When you use it to hit a movable object that isn’t worn or carried and weighs 5 lb. or less, you can immediately pull it to yourself along with the Tendril.
  • When you hit a creature of your creature size or smaller with an attack made with the Tendril, you can force them to make a DC 14 Strength Saving Throw, pulling them 10 feet towards you on a failure. A creature can willingly choose to fail on this saving throw.
    • (Recharge 5-6) Before the target rolls for the saving throw, you can use your reaction to make them also fall prone on a failed saving throw. 
  • When you hit a wall, ceiling, a reasonably immovable object, or a creature of larger creature size than yours, you can pull yourself 10 feet towards it. This movement triggers attacks of opportunity, but they are made with disadvantage.

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