(Transcribed Interrogation of a detained cultist, lead by Guard Lieutenant Viezmar ; 9th of Autumn, Year 122 of the Blessed Age; Blüdhafen)

(Lieutenant Viezmar): You have been found guilty of participating in murder, possession of magical items, and heresy of the highest order.
Your execution is inevitable, but your cooperation might make your death much quicker and more painless than it needs to be.
Tell us where we can find your leader and your other hideouts, and you shall be mercifully put to an executioner’s sword this very morning. Withhold information and your endurance to pain shall be put to the test. If even then you refuse to talk, you shall be sent to the paladin order where they will use their own methods of extracting secrets.
(Cultist): Sir, please! I don’t know anything. It’s like I’ve awoken from a dream. I had these horrible visions and nightmares, I was alone, in the vast black emptiness…and then…that…that thing appeared. It was watching me! I couldn’t do anything but to freeze in its gaze. I tried to look away but it was everywhere! It was getting closer and closer and faster and faster and…and…but it was getting to me from everywhere. I felt like I was falling towards it, like when you jump from a great height and you feel this force in your belly as you are approaching the surface, but instead of landing, you just grow closer and fall faster, but never reach land. Sir…Help Me! Please! I…
(V): Stop with this madness! You think I haven’t heard such things before. Each one of you lot were tested to see if you were controlled by arcane means, and none of you; None of you! showed signs of magical interference. You want to tell me it was divine powers that compelled you to murder and cavort with evil. How dare you defile Zuthar in such a way.
(C): I would never willingly betray Zuthar’s name, I promise. I would tell you everything about I know if I could, but I don’t remember anything. Please, I just want to go home.
(V): Let’s say that I believe you, now what can you tell me? Are you from the docks?
(C): No sir, I’m from the Brewer district, I haven’t been to the docks for at least a year sir.
(V): What date was it before you…before you forgot?
(C): 6th of Autumn sir.
(V): That’s quite recent. Tell me, was there anything strange in district, any strange rumours, any suspicious behaviour, any dangerous individuals treading the night.
(C): Nothing sir, everything was completely ordinary. There were some rumours of course but I had not held them up to anything. There were no talks of these cultists skulking around kidnapping people and doing rituals.
(V): You say that you have awoken just prior to this interrogation, yes?
(C): Yes sir, I…I don’t remember anything after I went to sleep that day, except for those…those…nightmares of course.
(V): Yet you know we are talking about cultists and disappearances and dark rituals, things I believe I haven’t mentioned once.
(C): I…I…I can…
(V): How do you know of these things? Answer me!
(C): Please don’t…I don’t want to…not again…not again…mercy…please!
(V): What mercy!? The one you have shown to the victims of your depravities!? If there is any human decency in you left, tell me where your leader is, so that this madness can stop. Otherwise you are wasting my time, and there is no further point in this interrogation. Perhaps torture will make you remember…
(The interrogated starts mumbling inaudibly and spasmodically shaking)
(C): He is coming…he is coming…we are but servants…we are chosen…we are rewarded…we are blessed…we…
(V): What in Zuthar’s name is happening here?!
(The interrogated seems to be going through a trance of sorts. There is form at his mouth, and his joints seem to dislocate across his whole body. His limbs are getting longer, and his face starts concaving into itself)
(C): The…Dreamer…has…awoken…! Embrace him…
(V): Everyone get away from that thing, and get some more guardsman here before its chains bre…
(This transcript was later found in an unrecognizable heap of flesh and blood, that used to be the body of the appointed scribe)

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