Overmind Crown

Very Rare Wondrous Item, Requires Attunement. 

Mind-Power Amplifier

You gain these passive benefits while wearing the crown:

  • You can telepathically speak with up to 4 creatures that are within 120 feet of you. You all are able to understand each other even if you don’t speak the same languages.
    • While communicating with multiple creatures at once, you all can communicate together as a group, where members of the conversation other than you can talk with each other as well, or if you are only communicating with each one individually 
  • You can cast the Catapult (DC 15 – 1st level) spell at will without expending any spell slots.
    • (Recharge 5-6) You can cast the Catapult spell as a bonus action. This feature automatically recharges if you take psychic damage. 

Psionic Nexus

The Overmind Crown has 2 charges. You can use your bonus action to expend one charge to use one of the following abilities. 

  • Kinetic Push. All creatures within 15 feet you must make a DC 15 Strength saving throw, being pushed 30 feet away from you on a failure, taking 4d6 bludgeoning damage and having  their forced movement stopped if they hit a solid object
  • Mind Diffraction Field. You become invisible to all creatures that are 15 feet or further away from you and to creatures with less than half of their maximum Hit Points until the start of your next turn.   
  • Hate Circuit. A hostile creature within 45 feet of you must make a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw, being forced to make one melee attack against a creature of your choice within its reach on a failure. 

You regain all charges when you finish a long rest. At the start of your turn, you can also take 4d10 psychic damage and reduce your Intelligence score by 2 until you finish a long rest, but making you regain one charge of Psionic Nexus.

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